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El personal de Venezia Rooms le recomienda que lea atentamente las preguntas frecuentes relacionadas con la instalación de su interés.
Para más información, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

  • Check-in & check-out
    Check-in: from 3:00 PM until 00:30 AM Check-out: until 10:00 AM Early Check in: enter your apartment at 1:00 pm, cost: 19,90 euro to be purchased directly on the check in online link ( Vikey) or by sending a message on whatsapp at +39 3458123054. It must be purchased by 9:00 AM of the check in date. Late Check out: exit your apartment at 12:00 pm, cost: 19,90 euro to be purchased directly on the check in online link ( Vikey) or by sending a message on whatsapp at +39 3458123054. It must be purchased by 9:00 AM of the check out date. If you're planning to leave later from Venice our suggestion is to leave your baggage in one of the luggage storages of the train station: in this way you'll be free to bring them back just before to leave, without losing time returning home.
  • Payments
    Two rates: The non refundable rate with immediate payment at the moment of booking. The refundable rate, with free cancellation until 7 days before check in. In case of payment by bank transfer (only for bookings made through our official website) the payment should be sent 8 days before check in date. Payment Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, Diners, American Express, Bank Transfer, Debit card, Maestro, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Parking
    Ca' dei Cedri: a public pay car park is available in front of the accommodation. If you need to reserve a private parking space (subject to availability) in the garden of the property for euro 20,00 per day, please contact us at +39 345 8123054 (Whatsapp). Casa Serenissima: if you're by car you're lucky because the house is in the only free parking zone of the city! You can park in Via Basilicata or in the big parking on the other side of the building. Cadamore: The only car parks in Venice are in Piazzale Roma, which is only a 10-15 minute walk from home. We recommend the Autorimessa Comunale or the Garage San Marco. Cheaper car parks can be found on the island of Tronchetto, which is a 25-minute walk from home. Il Vivaio di Villa Grimani Morosini: free parking.
  • Children & bed policy
    Children are welcomed. No charge if they sleep on existing beds. The additional bed price is 25,00 euro per night and can be purchased on the check in link (Vikey) you will receive via email after booking or by sending a message on whatsapp at: +39 3458123054 the day before check in.
  • Smoking policy
    Smoking is not allowed inside the building. Smokers can smoke on the balcony/terrace/garden of the apartments that have one and must use the ashtray. ATTENTION: Smoking detectors present. If activated a 250,00 euro fine will be issued.
  • Animals
    Pets allowed. Charge for extra cleaning due: 20 euro.
  • Additional guests
    Allowed with supplement and subject to availability.
  • Party
    Any kind of party is strictly prohibited. No noise must be made between 22:30 pm and 8:00 am for respects of other guests.
  • Breakfast
    Ca' dei Cedri: Free breakfast included for all refundable bookings. You can have the breakfast in the breakfast room behind the big glass door. There is sweet and salty food, fruits, coffee, teas, bread and inside the fridge you’ll find a box with the name of your room with yogurt, ham, cheese and beverages. There are no time restrictions like in the majority of the places: you are in vacation and you are free to have the breakfast when you prefer, also very early! Casa Serenissima: unfortunately we cannot offer breakfast in the facility due to regional regulations. There are several bars in the vicinity. We suggest Pasticceria Serenissima. Cadamore: unfortunately we cannot offer breakfast in the facility due to regional regulations. There are several bars in the vicinity. We suggest Pasticceria Rio Marin. Il Vivaio di Villa Grimani Morosini: unfortunately we cannot offer breakfast in the facility due to regional regulations. There are several bars in the vicinity. We suggest the Bar Ca' della Nave inside the golf club.
  • Towels & bed sheets
    Always included.
  • Rules & Regulations
    REGULATION The Regulations are established to guarantee all guests an orderly and peaceful use of the facilities of the Venezia Rooms Structures, located in Venezia (hereinafter for brevity all referred to as "structure(s)"). It has a contractual nature therefore sending the booking and/or filling in the data on the Guest Portal entails formally and for all intents and purposes acceptance of this Regulation for the Customer, in all its clauses and provisions. The relationship with Venezia Rooms is regulated by Italian law and failure to comply with the aforementioned law will result in the Guest being removed from the facility and, if necessary, reported to the public security authorities, unless otherwise. 1) Documents - When booking the facility or immediately thereafter, the Customer is obliged to insert on the Guest Portal, or send directly to Venezia Rooms their own documents and those of those accompanying them who will benefit from the stay at least 24 hours before the day of arrival, and in any case no later than 5.00 pm on that day, to be understood as the maximum limit. This is for identification purposes and to allow the compilation and communication of the presence to the police bodies, as required by law. The insertion of data and/or the forwarding of documents constitutes an essential condition for being able to use the service, therefore if the above deadline has expired without the insertion and/or sending of the documents having been carried out, Venezia Rooms will not allow access to the unit, retaining the sums paid by the Customer for the stay. 2) Booking Conditions - By sending the booking, the Customer confirms that he has read and expressly accepts the Booking Conditions which form an integral part of these Regulations. 3) Registration of Guests - It is absolutely forbidden to allow guests and people who are not duly registered at the time of booking or subsequently to access the structure and/or the apartment. 4) Arrival and departure times - The apartments/rooms are available for check-in starting from 3.00 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated strictly by 10.00 am on the day of departure, with exceptions agreed and authorized. In case of late check-out compared to the indicated time, a surcharge will be applied, according to the following scheme: - Charge late check-out: Until 12.30pm: €20 Until 1.30pm: €45 After 3.00 pm: the cost of an additional overnight stay, according to the price list in force. Rates are daily regardless of the time of entry. 6) Customer Care - The Customer Care service offered by Venezia Rooms is available to Guests from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. Outside of these days and hours, the intervention of the operators will be guaranteed, following a message from the Customer, only in cases of proven urgency. 7) Luggage and objects – The Management of Venezia Rooms declines all responsibility for luggage and objects possibly left by Guests and consequently will not be liable for any compensation. 8) Silence hours - During the hours from 1.30pm to 4.00pm and from 10.30pm to -8.00am, Customers are asked to observe maximum silence and in any case to adopt behavior appropriate to ensuring that they do not the rest of the guests is disturbed in any way, therefore avoiding in particular the use of loud voices in the sleeping area, the use of clogs or noisy shoes in all rooms, slamming or closing doors forcefully, noises and shouts of any kind other kind. The use of television or radio is also permitted at the times indicated, but with moderation in volume. 9) WI-FI – A free wi-fi network is active in the structure, for the exclusive use of the structure's customers. Venezia Rooms is not responsible for any malfunctions due to the network provider, but can simply take charge of any report from the Customer and forward it to him. 10) Stay of minors or persons deprived in whole or in part of autonomy - Minors and/or those deprived in whole or in part of autonomy unaccompanied by parents/guardians/curators/administrators or, if necessary by law, by the same unauthorized persons, and therefore in possession of regular documentation in this regard, cannot stay in the Venezia Rooms facilities. Parents of minors or people who act as guardians/curators/administrators of subjects lacking in whole or in part autonomy are responsible for the acts carried out by such subjects within the structure and are required to supervise them and ensure that they maintain correct behavior towards other guests, with particular reference to the rigorous respect for silence, which the company intends to guarantee to its Guests, and avoid causing damage of any kind. 11) Animals - Venezia Rooms reserves the right to accept pets in its facility, provided that their presence is duly communicated and declared at the time of booking, with specific mention of the type of animal and size. Failure to provide prior notification and request for approval of the presence of an animal will result in an increased pet fee being charged, equal to €100.00 (one hundred euros/00). In any case, the Customer must ensure that the animal is kept within the accommodation facility in such a way as not to cause disturbance, noise or damage to other guests and to the hotel facility. Only animals that comply with health regulations can enter the hotel. The management may request compensation for any damage caused; 12) Smoking ban – The structures of Venezia Rooms are “smoke free”. Smoking is therefore strictly prohibited inside the apartment and in the common areas (with the exception of the outdoor garden). Any failure to comply with the prohibition, which will be ascertained during the inspection of the unit after check-out, will entail the need to carry out a particular cleaning of the unit and furnishings, with particular reference to fabrics etc., and specifically the execution of n. 2 ozone sanitization treatments. Given the high costs of such interventions, Customers are informed that Design Club will apply a penalty of €250.00 (two hundred and fifty) to violators. 13) Bed configuration and linen replacement – The Customer must specify their preferences or specific requests for bed configuration at the time of booking and in any case no later than 24 hours before the scheduled check-in date, in order to allow the unit to be set up in a mode other than the standard one. The linen in the apartments is replaced as required by the regulations for holiday homes where the customer stays, and therefore at the guest's check-in and check-out. In exceptional cases, a change of linen may be authorized in holiday home apartments or rooms upon request of the Customer. This change will result in a supplement being charged, and therefore an extra cost of €25.00 (twenty-five/00) per room, for each change of bed linen. It is forbidden to remove linen from the occupied unit. If the check after check-out shows missing or damaged linen compared to the standard equipment of the unit, Venezia Rooms will apply an extra fee to be paid by the Customer equal to the purchase cost of the missing/damaged goods. 14) Separate waste collection and energy saving – Venezia Rooms Policy provides for the separate collection of waste. Customers are therefore invited to divide the waste themselves. We invite you not to waste water and electricity when you leave the apartment. 15) Extra cleaning – In the event that the Guest leaves the occupied unit in poor condition, without taking care to wash the dishes and/or remove the waste, and therefore more intense cleaning than usual is necessary, a charge will be made to the Customer an extra cost of euro 50.00 (fifty/00). 16) Verification of equipment and compensation for damages - In the event that, following check-out or during the stay, damage is found to the structure, its furnishings and/or equipment, the Customer will have to pay the amount for the repair/replacement to choice of structure. The Customer is required to verify the completeness and functionality of the equipment of the occupied unit within two hours of check-in, consulting the relevant list found inside the apartment. He is also required to report any further problems encountered within the same deadline. In the absence of notifications within the indicated deadline, the unit will be considered delivered correctly and fully equipped and in perfect condition. The verification of the unit by the employees appointed by Venezia Rooms will take place as quickly as possible after check-out. They will promptly report to the Management any damage and/or deficiencies they find. Customer Care will then proceed to quantify the damages found, including the costs of repurchasing damaged or missing goods, the costs of any restoration work, as well as labor costs, quantified on a flat rate in an amount equal to 25% of the damages, and the days of possible unavailability of the unit, acquiring suitable proving documentation. It will then send a formal communication to the Customer within two working days of check-out, proceeding to charge the amounts that are due. BOOKING CONDITIONS The reservation must be confirmed by the Customer by providing his/her credit card details as a guarantee. Sending the card data constitutes in any case prior authorization for pre-authorization and/or charging, according to the methods and terms of the booking and the Regulations. If a "refundable" rate has been chosen and the cancellation occurs within the established deadlines, no amount will be taken. The booking procedure and payment must take place within 30 minutes, after which it is automatically cancelled. The reservation, therefore, will be confirmed only by inserting the credit card within the above terms. The booking systems used by Venezia Rooms they use the most advanced security standards to guarantee the protection and privacy of the data entered, as per separate legal information. CITY TAX The Municipality of Venezia have established the Municipal Tourist Tax (Tourist Tax) which must be paid by guests at accommodation facilities. The amount of this tax is not included in the prices indicated on this site or in those generated by the online booking system and must be paid upon registration on the Guest Portal, before check-in, or at the accommodation before the check-out or, failing that, it will be charged to the credit card provided by the Customer. The tourist tax has an amount that varies from 2,80 to 5,00 euros per person per night. RESERVATION CANCELLATION TERMS As indicated at the time of booking and based on the option exercised by the Customer, the booking may be canceled and/or modified promptly as follows: STANDARD RATE RESERVATION Free cancellation within 7 or 30 days before arrival. For subsequent cancellations or no-shows, the total amount of the reservation will be charged. NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION Non-refundable reservations may be charged the full amount at any time after booking confirmation. In case of early departure, the Customer will not be entitled to any refund on the rates paid for the booked stay. EXTRA SERVICES PROVIDED ON REQUEST DIRECTLY BY THIRD PARTIES For the sole purpose of favoring the Customer, and without assuming any responsibility in this regard, Venezia Rooms informs Customers who wish to use services not provided by the structure that it is possible to have breakfast in the bars adjacent to the accommodation facilities. Each request and related fee, as well as the conditions of this service and any related problems, will be regulated by the Customer directly with the provider of the requested service. It is also possible to request parking for your car near the structure. Also in this case, this indication is a mere courtesy signal, for which Venezia Rooms does not assume any responsibility. Each request and related fee, as well as the conditions of this service and any related problems, will be regulated by the Customer directly with the provider of the requested service. The accommodation is not liable for any eventuality arising outside the flat, including the condition of the guest's car or any other vehicle. During your stay at Il Vivaio you will also have at your disposal the building's private swimming pool, opened only during the summer season (decided by the property), in which is mandatory to use swimming caps, and it is forbidden to be nude or topless, to enter other private property and to organise parties and diving!
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